Encyclopedia of Developing Regional Communities with Information and Communication Technology


Manuscript Organization
Submission Guidelines


Clearly, the format and content for the various types of encyclopedia entries will vary considerably. A 3500-word research article will require substantial referencing to academic literature, whereas a 1000-word description of a practical community development project will not require such referencing. The following are suggested guidelines for preparing your manuscript for submission:


Provide a historical perspective regarding the subject of your manuscript.


Provide broad definitions and discussions of the topic and incorporate views of others (literature review) into the discussion to support, refute or demonstrate your position on the topic.

Main Thrust of the Chapter

Present your perspective on the issues, controversies, problems, etc., as they relate to theme and arguments supporting your position. Compare and contrast with what has been, or is currently being done as it relates to your specific topic and the main theme of the book.

Future Trends

Discuss future and emerging trends. Provide insight about the future of the topic from the perspective of published research on the topic. If appropriate, suggest future research opportunities within the domain of the topic.


Provide discussion of the overall coverage of the topic in your manuscript and concluding remarks.


For theoretical and research articles, your manuscript should be fully referenced and all discussions and arguments must be supported by current published research in scholarly publications. Although there is no magic “adequate number of references,” your paper should be supported at least 15 fully documented references.

For the shorter descriptive and case study articles, your manuscript may reference appropriate publications to set your article in the context of contemporary work in the same field.


Submitted manuscripts must be written in the APA (American Psychological Association) editorial style.

References should relate only to material cited within the manuscript and be listed in alphabetical order, including the author's name, complete title of the cited work, title of the source, volume, issue, year of publication, and pages cited. Please do not include any abbreviations. See the following examples:

Example 1: Single author periodical publication:

Smith, A.J. (2003). Information and organizations. Management Ideology Review. 16(2), 1-15.

Example 2: Multiple authors periodical publication:

Smith, A.J., & Brown, CJ. (2003). Organizations and information processing. Management Source, 10(4), J1-88.

Source in the text: State author's name and year of publication where you use the source in the text. See the following examples:

Example 1: In most organizations, information resources are considered to be a major resource (Brown, 2003, Smith, 2002).

Example 2: Brown (2003) states that the value of information is recognized by most organizations.

Direct quotations of another author's work should be followed by the author's name, date of publication, and the page(s) on which the quotation appears in the original text.

Example 1: Brown (2003) states that "the value of information is realized by most organizations" (p. 45).

Example 2: In most organizations, information resources are considered to be a major organization asset" (Smith, 2002, pp. 35-36) and must be carefully monitored by the senior management.

For more information please consult your library or contact Order Department, American Psychological Association, P.O. Box 2710, Hyattsville, MD 20784, for a copy of their Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association – 4th edition for APA style.

Terms and Their Definition

You are required to provide 7-10 terms related to the topic of your manuscript and provide clear and concise definitions of each term. Place your terms and their definitions at the end of the manuscript after the references section of your manuscript.

Submission Format

All submissions should send to the editor electronically in either MS Word, or RTF. No hard copy will be accepted. Please make sure complete editing of your manuscript is conducted to ensure proper English language usage, grammatical structure, spelling, punctuation, and compliance with APA reference style. Attention to these details will contribute to clear, concise communication of your ideas, and increase the chance of acceptance of your manuscript by our reviewers.


It is the author’s responsibility to obtain written permission to include any copyrighted materials in the submitted manuscript to this publication. The publisher of the book requires a copy of the written permission submitted with the final version of the manuscript.

Upon acceptance, the author(s) will be required to sign a warranty that the MANUSCRIPT IS ORIGINAL AND HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION OR PUBLISHED ELSEWHERE.


Due to the large number of contributors (200+), the publishers will not be able to provide a complimentary copy of the publication to contributing authors or co-authors. Contributing authors will receive a copy of the title page, contents page and their own contribution, and will also be able to purchase a copy of the encyclopedia for their own use at a special 50% discount.


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